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Our next show in Europe : The Hat

Belle Époque Films - The Hat


The Hat is a story about love, failure, and redemption - in the glamorous world of Broadway.

Written, performed by

the Broadway comedian Melissa R. Randel

Produced by

Jenna Suru

A Belle Époque Films production

Our latest show in Los Angeles: Happy

Belle Époque Films - Happy


When Alfred, happy with his job, his marriage, and his life raising a special needs daughter, is invited to meet his best friend’s latest lover over dinner, things take a less-than-happy turn.

A raw, unapologetic view of the incessant battle between realism and positivity.


Katherine Diaz, Christopher Violette, Lauren Letherer, Eric Gutierrez

Written by

Robert Caisley

Produced by

Jenna Suru and Katherine Diaz

Belle Époque Films and KTQ Productions

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