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The Dream Series

Belle Époque Films - The Dream Series


The Dream Series is a series of short films that explores the meanings and messages within dreams, playing with ideas of perception and cognizance of spirit. The Dream Series strives to look at alternate perspectives of the mind’s reality.

Directed by

Jennifer Nicole Stang

Produced by

Jenna Suru

Belle Époque Films, Round Table Pictures

Englishman in L.A. (Season 2)

Belle Époque Films - Englishman in L.A. (Season 2)


Best selling British author Tom Dingle (Cameron Moir) has been given a reality show following his move to Los Angeles. Tom immediately meets his L.A. agent Cassidy Clark AKA CCA who insists that he gets a new Image, a Publicist, a Life Coach, Fabulous Stylist and Meat-Head Trainer.


Cameron Moir, Alex Newell, Edward Gelbinovich, Kandis Erickson

Written by

Cameron Moir

Produced by

Jenna Suru & David Vendette

Belle Époque Films

Production, distribution, consulting

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